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Queensland (Quick Star – Calido I) at the Holsteiner approvel 2005

Our Youngsters

One of the main issues related to the rearing of young horses to be later used in the sport is to ensure that the horses throughout adolescence get the correct feed and daily exercise.

Our horses are fed, from those who weaned foals to be continued in education as 4 years, with only the best products for horse feed in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable sport horse.

Our foals and youngsters will ensure the necessary exercise in the winter through spending 6-8 hours every day in a closed paddock, and spent the summer on grass with distinctive contribution of crude feed.

The jumpingtraining of our horses starts at our stud farm when the horses have reached 1 ½ years of age. The young Horses are trained in freejumping through out the winter 1-2 times a week over very small jumps in order to build the confidence and rhythm. This method has proven to be very efficient, also in view of the recent jumping training later in theyr education under saddle and the horses are quickly into the right rhythm, and gets very fast self-confidence which makes them grow with the job over the winter.